Friday, April 2, 2010

i heart five!

Five Things You Are Addicted To
One: music
Two: movie
Three: dimsum
Four: marshall bruce mathers III
Five: internet

Five Places You Want To Visit Before You Die
One: Las Vegas
Two: Netherland
Three: Europe
Four: Tasmania Island
Five: Hawaii

Five Random Things Around You
One: a bottle of Yakult
Two: HP printer
Three: mouse
Four: headset
Five: CD's

Five Random Things That Start With The Same Letter As Your First Name
One: vacuum cleaner
Two: vocabulary (???)
Three: virgo (?!!!)
Four: vcd (so last year)
Five: va*ina (no more idea..)

Five Things That Always Cheer You Up
One: friends
Two: music
Three: window shopping
Four: watching concert
Five: eating dimsum like crazy!

Five Animals You’d Want As Pets, But Can’t Have
One: panda
Two: little dog
Three: koala
Four: orang utan
Five: little elephant

Five Things You Would Do If Fiction Were Real
One: tell hachiko that his master's already die T___T (hell no, it isn't fiction)
Two: help jigsaw to make more "beautiful games"
Three: accompanying Mr. Fredricksen to stay in Paradise Falls
Four: become DannyOcean's wife! (oh gosh i'm rich in peace :p)
Five: be a patient of Dr. Howard Mierzwiak to erase all of my bad memories :)

-via moronicbeauty


Rival Rivera said...

Five: va*ina (no more idea..)
*ambigu.. N or G


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